Wire Transfer

Wire Cutoff Time is 3:30 PM
We Do Not Send International Wires


Information Needed

  • Form must be completed at a WESLA FCU branch or Over the Phone
  • Sender information (Name, Address, Number, Account Number)
  • Receiver Information (Name, Address, Number, Account Number, Routing Number, Bank Name, Bank Address)

Fees for wire transfers are disclosed in the Rate and Fee Schedule. Other Financial Institutions involved in the wire transfer may impose additional fees.

WESLA Federal Credit Union may fall to act or delay acting on a wire transfer without any liability due to legal constraint, your negligence, lack of funds, interruption of communications facilities, equipment failure, war, emergency conditions or other circumstances beyond our control WESLA FCU may also fail to send or delay a transfer without any liability if sending the wire transfer would violate any guideline, rule or regulation of any government authority.

Cut off times for processing wire transfers. Domestic wire transfers received prior to 3:30pm will be transmitted on the same business day. Wire transfers received after the cut off times will be transmitted the next business day. Wire transfer business days will include all normal business days of WESLA FCU.

You must accurately identify beneficiaries of your wire transfer. When you give WESLA FCU the name and account number of a beneficiary, WESLA FCU and other Financial Institutions may process the wire transfer based on the account number alone, even though the number may identify a person other than the beneficiary name. When you give WESLA FCU the name and identifying number of a Financial Institution, WESLA FCU and other Financial Institutions may process the wire transfer based on the Financial Institutions identifying number alone, even though the number may identify a Financial Institution other than the financial institution named. In these cases, you are still obligated to pay WESLA FCU the amount of the wire transfer.

Fed wire is the funds transfer system of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank. WESLA FCU and Financial Institutions involved may use Fed wire to make the wire transfer. If Fed wire carries any part of the wire transfer, Regulation J of the U. S. Federal Reserve Board governs your rights and obligations regarding the wire transfer.

When a member requests a wire transfer, the security procedure involves use of Identification methods that may involve, photo Identification, signature verification of original signature and/or call back procedure by WESLA FCU.

By requesting a wire transfer, you authorize VVESLA FCU to debit your account to pay for this transfer. WESLA FCU will notify you about the wire transfer on your statement. You must send WESLA FCU written notice, including a statement of relevant facts, within 60 calendar days after you receive the first member statement on which any unauthorized or erroneous debit to your account, or any other discrepancy between your records and ours WESLA FCU. If you fail to notify WESLA FCU within this 60- day period, WESLA FCU is not liable, or obligated to compensate you, for any loss of interest or interest equivalent because of an unauthorized or erroneous debit.

Wire Transfer Form

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